A close-knit family of paradigm-shifting, purpose-driven, principle-centred, character-based and holistic (total) people around the world as Mentors, Mates (friends) and Minnows (protégés). 


    This is an international network of excellent young men and women you will be glad you encountered!

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    Hello and Welcome to the web presence of The HuD Group .

    The HuD Group (The Human Development Group) is a dynamic, international, Christian not-for-profit movement focused on the development of holistic Emerging Leaders. 'Emerging Leaders' may not necessarily be just younger leaders; they may be older people whose leadership potential is now more fully emerging.

    We emphasize personal and interpersonal public leadership.

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I suppose leadership
at one time meant muscles;
but today it means getting
along with people.
Mahatma Gandhi
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